North Cyprus Estate

Building Additions

We take the utmost care when working on additions and modifications to existing buildings, one of the two most important activities of our company.

Our work includes additions, repairs and modifications to all kinds of buildings. We also professionally undertake building surveys and repairs of old buildings.

First, we prepare a project survey of the building in question (villa, house, flat, pool, public bath, etc.). In addition to the instructions of the property owner, building additions are to be in accordance with the architectural status of the building and applicable legal degrees.

The first step in the construction of a building addition is to obtain the necessary construction license for the architectural project.

Once the project has been approved by the property owner, the construction materials (tiles, PVC, wood etc.) to be used in the project will then be chosen. This will enable the drawing up of the project budget. Following the approval by the property owner of the project budget, a payment plan will be elaborated. Once the contract between the company and property owner has been signed the work will then start.

Since the construction of additions and modifications requires the utmost care, we want you to know that the installation of the water, heating and insulation systems require careful attention and therefore these works are carried out under the supervision of our architect.

We can assure you of the quality of our company’s work right through to the approvals given by a third party that issues building control and inspection reports.

We offer services for additions and renovation of buildings throughout the T.R.N.C. Our company has completed many additions for property owners, especially in the northern regions such as the residential areas of Lapta, Kyrenia and Esentepe.