North Cyprus Estate

About us

Our real estate company was established in 1998 and our construction company began operations in 2002. Since 2000 our company has offered professional services. We are in constant contact with our clients owing to the T.R.N.C being a small island country. These clients constitute a great reference for our expertise and reputation.

We closely follow current job and investment opportunities. In recent years we have participated in many business opportunities with both domestic and foreign co-investors. We continue to do so. In particular we provide new opportunities for foreign financiers to invest in our country. Our country is particularly attractive to foreign investors who want to become involved in our country’s extremely suitable investment conditions. We provide professional support to our investment partners, guiding them from start to finish on each of their projects.

Our purpose and main mission is to get an understanding of the needs of our clients and provide sound direction so that they meet their objectives. With our help our clients can establish the necessary real estate and investment infrastructure in the least time possible. By relying on us our clients inspire us to focus on pursuing sound results, especially in the real estate and construction sectors. An important part of our business is based on managing exclusive projects. Rather than dealing with common investment real estate opportunities, we focus on new, high yield and unexploited investment opportunities.

Our construction company has been operating in the service sector since 1998. In 2016 the company acquired a II. class construction license allowing it to work on projects up to 8.000 m².