North Cyprus Estate

Purchasing property in TRNC

Potentials clients and buyers may want to purchase property through our real estate agency. After an introductory meeting we can help clients with their search by showing them suitable properties and lands. Land purchases can be realized through our office by signing land or terrain transfer agreements.

Once the decision has been made to purchase a suitable terrain or property Esentepe real estate agency can obtain, through its authorized lawyers, the land registry records of the relevant property. An agreement can then be drawn up between the buyer and seller that will be signed before a notary, in the presence of the lawyer. A deposit regarding the land shall then be paid.

The title, or titles, regarding the property in question will be submitted to the land registry office for transfer procedures.

These procedures are called evaluation and investigation. Once these procedures have been concluded, the buyer and seller will meet in the land registry office to sign for the transfer procedures.

Once it has been signed, the transfer procedure will be concluded. Subsequently the process of issuing a new title deed is instigated. This process will be followed by our lawyers and once the new title deed has been received, it will be delivered to the property owner.

AL-Najmawy is committed to providing complete and professional services to follow and conclude title deed transfer procedures.