North Cyprus Estate

Project and Construction

Following the approval given to the purchase transaction by our clients and investors concerning the lands and terrains, and with the conclusion of the title deed transfer process for the property, our company then proceeds to the design and construction phase of the project.

After the receipt of the titles to the land, the relevant maps are delivered to the architect.

The first meetings regarding the project are held. A preliminary draft is then drawn up. The project design process will be concluded by making three evaluations. The project will be submitted for review by the department of urban planning regarding its architectural aspects.

Once the preliminary approval has been received, the rest of the project, which involves the structural, mechanical and electrical aspects, will be executed under the supervision of the architect. All project files will be certified by the association of Engineers and Architects.

Construction files will registered with the local municipality. The necessary calculations required to obtain the construction license, after receiving comments of the relevant municipality and other sections of the public administration, will be communicated to the property owner or the architect that represents him or her.

The construction license together with one file will be delivered to the property owner or to his or her architect after realizing the corresponding payments to the relevant municipality.

At this point there will not be any remaining legal or judicial obstacles to impede the start of the construction works.

Construction phase
After realizing the administrative aspects of the project, meetings will be held with the property owner in order to determine a schedule for the project. Construction will get under way once issues such as construction methodology, duration and costs have been specified and a definitive agreement has been signed.

Following the project meetings with the property owner a list of materials to be used in the project will be prepared according to the decisions taken at those meetings (e.g. marble, carpentry, PVC, joinery, tiles, etc.). The construction agreement will be prepared once all items of work have been specified and a payment plan will be prepared with the property owner.