North Cyprus Estate

Joint Investment Opportunities


1-Investment opportunities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The T.R.N.C is a very attractive island for investments owing to its location in the eastern Mediterranean region. It is also highly attractive for the tourism and real estate sectors with a summer season that extends 7 to 8 months. Our country continues to flourish despite all of the political problems and embargoes. It has made great progress in many sectors especially with respect t0 tourism, real estate and education.
Our state policy offers very special investment opportunities to both domestic and foreign investors.
A principal objective is to provide co-investors with significant investment opportunities while providing good counsel and advice in order to ensure the good performance of these investments. These objectives are met by the beneficial scheduling of the time-finance relationship.

2- Co-working mentality of our group:

We have established partnerships in the real estate and construction sectors. Our staff have significant experience in investment and finance throughout the T.R.N.C. We prefer to offer to our co-investors complex and new construction projects whose preliminary surveys, budget feasibility reports and profit margins are well established.
We have project opportunities in many locations along the northern coast of our country; our company offers many properties and tracts along the coasts of Kyrenia, Karaoğlanoğlu, Beylerbeyi, Lapta, Alsancak, Karşıyaka, Kayalar, and on the eastern side, along the coasts of Çatalköy, Esentepe and Karpaz. There are many opportunities for domestic and foreign investors whether they are interested in flats, villas or tourism-related properties.
The main principle of our co-working mentality is win-win. Through bilateral or multiple ventures, we can undertake more important projects by involving our group in projects that we offer to our co-investors and also offer result-based investment opportunities through joint projects.
We have never failed our co-investors and have never experienced a financial loss in the works that we have executed, in particular in the real estate and construction sectors. This philosophy has served us well over the last 15 years. Since the projects that we realize are under warranty we have been able to keep offering our services.

3- Our co-working areas.

Beside our real estate and construction company, we also run a pool construction and maintenance company, an auto-service centre in addition to bars, cafeterias and restaurants.
Our co-working projects in 2015 included bars, coffee shops and cafeterias.
Our flat projects in Nicosia and Kyrenia and the restaurant project in Famagusta were initiated as joint projects.

4-Financial partnership

At times investors, as can be seen in other parts of the world as well as in our own country, can also have difficulties accessing financial resources in order to materialize their ideas and projects. It is not very likely that investors with insufficient experience, capital or guarantees can acquire the financing needed to increase the initial capital or to extend their businesses through traditional means such as by using bank assets.
Our investment ventures are undertaken once the feasibility studies of the projects have been executed and shares of the company to be established have been determined. The company’s board of directors meet once a month to handle issues concerning the company’s activities and projects, including bank accounts and partners involved in the venture.